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IndustrySafe Training Overview

IndustrySafe, Inc. offers a wide range of training options for IndustrySafe Safety Management Software. IndustrySafe, Inc. safety software professionals develop the materials and conduct the training.

Free Webinars

We provide free webinars on IndustrySafe specific modules and topics. Please see our webinar page for latest schedule and registration.

On-site Training

We deliver on-site courses to meet your organization's requirements. Our on-site instruction can be geared towards "Train the Trainer" courses, timed to coincide with specific phases of implementation, and can be conducted at multiple locations throughout your organization.

Virtual Classroom Training

Our virtual classroom training allows our clients to attend training sessions without leaving their desks. All that is required is high-speed Internet access, as well as speakers and a microphone for your computer. You receive access to the same trainers and course materials but save on travel time and costs.

Custom Training

We deliver high quality custom training that can be geared towards your organization. We will work with you to include your specific system configuration and customizations in our training materials and course instruction. We can also gear our training and course materials to your unique business processes and user groups. We also work with you to determine the most appropriate method of training delivery for your organization whether it is web-based, virtual classroom, or instruction led training. Our goal is to allow you to achieve your training needs for IndustrySafe in the most effective and efficient way possible.

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