Service Level Objectives

Service Level Objectives

Last modified: September 16, 2020

Vector Solutions IndustrySafe Client Support team serves as the primary first-level technical support group, the liaison between other Vector Solutions Technical Support groups, and the escalation contact for urgent issues.

Ways to contact Client Support

Client Support is available via the Toll- Free Telephone Number below during business hours of 9 am – 5 pm ET, Monday through Friday, excluding established national and Vector Solutions holidays or other office closures.

For urgent and time sensitive issues, we recommend that you call our Client Support Team directly at the Toll-free number below.  

For non- critical items, you can contact the Client Support Team via Email or by creating a Ticket from within our Help Center.

  • Help Center Tickets are also submitted from the Help Center:
  • Support Email Address:
  • Toll Free Telephone Number: 800.696.9110

Standard Support Process for Email and Help Center Submissions

Once an email or a Help Center Ticket is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email with your case number. You can use this case number as a reference if you need to contact the Client Support team regarding your issue.

Support Response Time

Upon submitting an issue via Email or Help Center Ticket, you will receive the confirmation email noted above followed by a personal response from a Client Support Representative within 6 business hours.

We will acknowledge the issue and start active work towards resolution within 6 business hours of receipt, however, some issues will need to be escalated to our Technical Support Team and/or our Development Teams for resolution. In those cases, the Client Support Team will notify you that your issue has been escalated and will provide an estimate on when you can expect your issue to be addressed and resolved. Resolution Time will vary based on impact, urgency, size/scope/complexity, and available workarounds.

Service Availability Objective

Vector Solutions will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide Service availability at 99.90% or more in each month, excluding problems with Client’s network, Internet connection or private network connection which prevents you from reaching the site, previously scheduled maintenance, urgent “hot fix” installations, problems connecting to the Service due to 3rd party software installed on Clients network or PC, the period of time during which disaster recovery is in effect, and any circumstances beyond Vector Solutions’ reasonable control.

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