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Job Safety Analysis

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IndustrySafe Job Safety Analysis Software - JSA Checklist

Track hazards associated with specific jobs

IndustrySafe’s Job Safety Analysis (JSA) module allows you to identify the potential hazards associated with each step of a task and set appropriate controls to mitigate risks.

This step-by-step analysis enables your workforce to better understand and resolve job hazards.

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IndustrySafe has provided us with a means of identifying/correcting safety issues professionally ...

- Shane DeMello, Hawaii Electric Light Company

IndustrySafe Job Safety Analysis Software - JSA Risk Matrix, JSA Risk Assessment

Assess and Reduce Risks and Residual Risks

JSA analysts can perform hazard risk assessments using IndustrySafe’s risk matrix.

Organizations can easily modify this risk matrix to better meet their needs or applicable regulations.  Learn more about prioritizing hazards and calculating risk with our risk matrix calculation guide.

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IndustrySafe Job Safety Analysis Software - JSA Report, JSA metrics, JHA Report, JHA metrics

Easily Disseminate JSAs for Review, Comments, and Approval

Share JSAs with key team members for review and approval in order to establish and improve best practices.

JSA analysts, reviewers, and supervisors can also receive email alerts throughout the JSA lifecycle, including when a JSA is ready for review, when feedback has been received, and when it is ready for field use.

IndustrySafe’s robust reporting tools allow EHS managers to dig deeper into JSA analytics to view close-out rates and track hazards by source, department, area and more.

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Job Safety Analysis Brochure


Job Safety Analysis Module Video


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