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Safety Inspections Software & Mobile App

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Computers with Inspection Safety Software, Inspection Checklist and Inspections Mobile App

Conduct mobile EHS inspections anytime, anywhere

Record and manage your organization’s  safety inspection data with IndustrySafe’s inspections management software and inspections mobile app.

Our robust EHS audit software can be configured to record nearly any inspection checklist. You'll use our EHS audit app to complete field inspections from your iPhone or Android device, even when offline.

You can also use a GPS locator tool to pinpoint your exact location, attach photos, and can create corrective actions. Link these corrective actions to checklist line items to resolve identified deficiencies.

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A great app for inspections...

- Damien O'Neill, Advanced Technology Services

EHS Inspections App list of Safety Inspection Checklist

Utilize prebuilt safety inspection checklists, and create your own

IndustrySafe’s Safety Inspections software contains a variety of pre-built checklists linked to detailed OSHA regulatory standards, including 29 CFR 1910 and 1926 Construction Safety.

These pre-built forms and checklists may be used as is, or can be configured to better suit your needs. You can also easily import your organization’s own existing EHS inspection checklists into the our inspection software.

Users of IndustrySafe’s EHS inspections app can immediately download the latest versions of checklists, ensuring inspectors in the field have access to the most up-to-date forms.

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EHS Inspections by Location,  Inspection Safety Software Report

Streamline EHS audit reports and scheduling 

Our inspection management software lets safety managers set recurring inspection schedules ensuring areas and assets are not overlooked. Automatic email notifications will alert supervisors and employees of upcoming or overdue safety inspections.

EHS professionals can easily view audit compliance rates and identify areas of the business with the most deficiencies. You'll use our automated reports to provide team members with a comprehensive view of inspection activity within their departments, or across the organization.

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Safety Inspections Mobile App with Construction Safety Checklist

Let all of your stakeholders record safety audits

IndustrySafe’s Inspection Public Web Form is offered as an extra cost item to the Safety Inspections App. This public form allows all of your stakeholders to record safety inspections via a simple web link. No IndustrySafe login, username, or password is required.

Choose which questions display on the public form to make safety audit reports simple or detailed, depending on the needs of your organization. 

All submitted data is sent to the IndustrySafe Safety Inspection Software for more in-depth follow up and analysis by key team members.

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