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EHS Incidents Software

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Safety Incident Dashboard Detailing Incident Types and EHS Incident Mobile App

EHS incidents reporting anytime, anywhere

The IndustrySafe Incidents Module allows organizations to record, track, and analyze a variety of safety incidents, including near misses; vehicle and environmental incidents; and employee, non-employee, and contractor injuries.

You can record workplace safety incidents on the go with the IndustrySafe mobile app, even without internet access.

Our reliable EHS incident software can help you achieve compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recordkeeping requirements and other federal laws and regulations.

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We are excited about the product and certain this software will help drive us to our safety mission of zero incidents!

- Traci Schuette, Omaha Public Power District

Safety Incident software chart - EHS incident root cause analysis

Conduct detailed safety incident investigations

Collect relevant incident data with IndustrySafe’s easy to use safety incident reporting forms and incident investigation software.

Analyze trends, perform root cause analysis, and assign corrective actions to better understand the causes of incidents and prevent them from reoccurring.

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OSHA Recordkeeping Log - Form 300A

Generate OSHA recordkeeping logs 301, 300, and 300A

By answering a few short prompts, you can use IndustrySafe to quickly determine if a workplace incident is OSHA reportable or recordable.

You can easily create regulatory reports, including OSHA 300, 300A, and 301 logs and DOT Vehicle Accident Registers, providing convenient regulatory compliance for each worksite injury or illness.

The incident module also allows you to comply with OSHA's final rule "Improve Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illness," requiring the electronic submission of recordkeeping data.

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Safety Metrics, OSHA Recordable Incidents, TRIR

Calculate TRIR and DART incident rates

IndustrySafe can calculate your organization's Days Away Restricted Transfer (DART) and Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR), also known as the OSHA Recordable Rate.

These rates can then be reviewed and compared by month, department or facility location.

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safety incidents by location report

Share safety incident data with key employees

IndustrySafe’s automatic email alerts ensure that involved employees, supervisors, or all workers at a facility are notified when a new workplace injury or illness has occurred.

Key team members can also receive follow up notifications to help them track the progression of incident investigations.

Using IndustrySafe’s robust report scheduling tool, you can also dig deeper into your incident data and schedule reports to be sent out on a regular basis to provide stakeholders with a comprehensive view of incident activity across your organization.

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IndustrySafe Workplace Injury Mobile App

Report safety incidents with your mobile device

IndustrySafe's offline mobile app allows you to report safety incidents using your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, without the need for internet connection. 

Configure which fields you'd like to use, and whether users have access to complete a comprehensive investigation report or simply an initial incident alert form. 

Once an internet connection is established, you can upload the report to IndustrySafe incident software for further review and reporting.

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Safety Incident Reporting Mobile App Damaged Asset Tracking with Photos

Vehicle accident & other assets incident tracking

Link your organization's assets to incident forms within IndustrySafe to assess the safety performance of a specific vehicle, equipment, or asset.

You can easily determine which assets have recently been involved in an incident using IndustrySafe’s robust reporting tools.

Attach photos of involved assets to incident records using your smartphone or tablet camera with the IndustrySafe mobile app.

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Safety Incident Report Public Web Form

Let all of your stakeholders report safety incidents

IndustrySafe’s Incident Public Web Form is offered as an extra cost item to the Incidents Module. This public form allows all of your stakeholders to report  safety incidents via a simple web link. No IndustrySafe login, username, or password is required.

You can determine which questions to display on the public form, so that your workforce can report detailed safety incident investigation responses or a simple first notice of incident, depending on the needs of your organization.

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