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Observations Public Web Form

Observations Public Form

Observation Public Web Form

The Observation Public Web Form enables organizations to have all stakeholders report behavior based safety observations from any location. Stakeholders simply go to the web to report the observation. No login, username or password is required. Observation reports are automatically transferred to IndustrySafe software.

  • Easy to Use Observation Reporting Form
  • Use on Web-Enabled Mobile and Tablet Devices including iPad, iPhone, and Blackberries
  • Multiple Observation Checklists
  • Accessible to all stakeholders via url
  • Automatic Data Transfer to IndustrySafe Observations Module
  • Autofill with Observer Date, Time, and Location
  • Upload your Logo to the Form
  • Add/Edit/Remove Fields
  • Configure Automatic Email Notifications
  • Upload Supporting Documents
  • Multiple Locations, Users, Regions, Etc.
  • Available in Multiple Languages

IndustrySafe Software offers easy to use Observations Reporting

Sample - Observations Reporting Form

IndustrySafe Observations Software - Observations Reporting Form Sample

The Observations Public Web Form allows for smart and easy data entry.

In conjunction with the IndustrySafe Observations Module, organizations can easily report and track all types of Observations with the Observations Public Web Form. The Observations Public Web Form can be made accessible to all of your stakeholders via a simple web link to allow for easy observations reporting.

IndustrySafe Software System Admministrators can determine which questions to display on the public observations web form, so that your workforce can easily record safe/unsafe acts and conditions or report detailed observation findings, depending on the needs of your organization. Via the IndustrySafe Software, IndustrySafe System Administrators can determine required fields on the Observations Reporting Form.

Observations Reporting Form Confirmation Screen

IndustrySafe Observations Software - Observation Reporting Confirmation Screen

Once an observation is completed via the public form, stakeholders view a confirmation email; can upload attachments; and print a paper copy of their observations report. All data is automatically transferred to the IndustrySafe Software for more detailed follow up, analysis, and analytics by key team members including environmental, health, and safety professionals.

Achieving Compliance and Improving Safety

In conjuction with the IndustrySafe Observations Module, the Observations Public Web Form is a critical tool for supervisors overseeing observation reporting and management, and as a whole this safety software enables comprehensive safety management across an organization.

Safety coordinators rely on IndustrySafe safety management software as their safety and health dashboard. They are able to enable automatic notifications across each of its modules to keep other managers better informed, upload supporting documents when required and compare key indicators across modules.

Administrators are subsequently provided greater control over their observations tracking, inspections and OSHA reporting. With IndustrySafe health and safety management software, users are armed with the tools to better oversee the well-being of their workforce.

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