Behavioral Based Safety Software by IndustrySafe

Observations Overview

observations module

IndustrySafe's Observations Module enables organizations to focus on behavioral based safety techniques and allows managers, supervisors, and employees to conduct observations on employees involved in safety critical behavior.

  • Easy to Use Observation Form
  • Use on Web-Enabled Mobile and Tablet Devices including iPad, iPhone, and Blackberries
  • Multiple Observation Checklists
  • Configure Categories and Subcategories
  • Autofill with Observer Date, Time, and Location
  • Schedule Employees for Observations
  • Automatic Reminder Alerts of Observation Schedule Compliance
  • Standard Integration with Scantron SafetyCapture
  • Public Web Form also available for Easy Stakeholder Reporting
  • Standard Reports – Observation Card Print Outs, Percent Safe, Schedule Compliance, and More
  • Multiple Dashboards including Percent Safe by Category and SubCategory, Top Locations, and More
  • Action Item and Observation Follow Up
  • Add/Edit/Remove Fields
  • Configure Automatic Email Notifications
  • Upload Supporting Documents
  • Compare Indicators across Modules
  • Export and Search Features
  • Multiple Locations, Users, Regions, Etc.
  • Available in Multiple Languages


Improving safety with behavior based safety software

Many factors impact the effectiveness of an organization's health and safety management, perhaps none more directly than employee behavior.

Once workers are on the job, they need to execute safe working practices and follow appropriate procedures to minimize injury.

Safety coordinators can do their part to oversee employee behavior by adopting a wide variety of techniques including using effective safety software.

IndustrySafe is a leading safety management software, and its observations module provides safety coordinators with the visibility needed to observe employee behavior and workplace conditions for improved worksite safety and health.

Scheduling and conducting regular observations

Sample Behavioral Based Checklist

IndustrySafe Behavior Based Safety Software 
                                			Observation Checklist

The concept of behavior-based safety management encourages employers to observe their workers' actions and workplace conditions in safety situations and implement strategies to improve safe actions and safe conditions. A company must buy into such a strategy at every level in order to benefit from it, and IndustrySafe safety management software is the solution for organizations that wish to implement behavior-based safety in the workplace.

An easy-to-use observation form can be tailored to each company's needs and complemented with a variety of observation checklists.

Safety coordinators can schedule employees for observation tasks quickly and set automatic reminders to alert them to upcoming or overdue observations. These features are available for managers and employees across departments and locations, providing supervisors at multiple levels with easy access to an organization's observation data.

Conducting stronger reporting and analysis

Sample Behavioral Based Metric

IndustrySafe Behavior Based Safety Software 
                                			Observation Metric

With IndustrySafe, users can configure categories and subcategories to gain an increased level of detail over observation reporting, and autofill features can speed up this process. The IndustrySafe web-based observation module is accessible via nearly any web-based mobile device, including the iPad, Blackberry and iPhone. As a result, supervisors can conduct observations anywhere on the job site.

Multiple dashboards and metrics allow managers to track valuable statistics including percent safe, monitor location safety, schedule compliance and employee behavior. Users can access standard reports, including observation card print outs. Observation data can also be compared to information from IndustrySafe's additional modules, including training, inspections and incidents.

As a result, safety coordinators can analyze employee behavior and data on multiple levels to identify trends and take action when appropriate. If it appears certain employees may be putting their own health and safety at risk with dangerous behavior, observation reports can be analyzed quickly and retraining scheduled easily all from the same safety software. Or if it appears certain employees may benefit from additional education and support, managers can act on this information sooner.

How IndustrySafe helps safety managers accomplish more

With behavior-based observations, safety coordinators can determine how to improve safe act and safe conditions throughout the workplace. As a result, managers are better informed and are in a position to implement changes when needed.

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