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Mobile Inspections Anytime, Anywhere

IndustrySafe's mobile app allows you to conduct inspections in the field. Designed specifically for your smart phone, our mobile app is easy to use with or without web access. Data is submitted to IndustrySafe's Inspections module for real time reporting and analytics.

  • App will be available on both the App Store® and Google Play™ Store, for iPhone and Android devices
  • With or Without Internet Access
  • Designed Specifically for Mobile Use
  • Pre-built IndustrySafe Checklists or Use Yours
  • Real-time Integration with IndustrySafe Web
  • Easy Photo Upload
  • GPS location tool
  • Standard IndustrySafe Reports – Deficiency and Compliance Rates
  • Multiple Dashboards including Deficiencies by Location, Percent Complete and More
  • Action Item Follow Up
  • Add/Edit/Remove Fields
  • Configure Automatic Email Notifications
  • Upload Supporting Documents
  • Compare Indicators across Modules
  • Export and Search Features
  • Multiple Locations, Users, Regions, Etc.

Mobile Inspections made easy

Professionals out in the field want the ability to conduct safety inspections on the fly from their mobile devices.

Sample Safety Mobile Inspection Checklist

IndustrySafe Mobile App Inspection Software - Inspection Checklist IndustrySafe Mobile App Inspection Software - Inspection Checklist

Managers, supervisors, employees responsible for safety at job sites and remote locations conduct safety inspections on a regular basis and need reliable tools to conduct and track inspection results.

The IndustrySafe mobile app allows you to conduct inspections with or without web access, and then easily submit your inspection results to the IndustrySafe Software once you have Internet access. IndustrySafe Safety Software offers all types of detailed reporting, analytics and email notifications with these inspection checklists.

You can also attach photos and corrective actions to checklist line items and use a GPS locator tool to pinpoint your exact location.

Get the IndustrySafe Mobile App

Pre-built checklists + Key Data Analytics

IndustrySafe Mobile App Inspection Software - Manage Inspection Checklist IndustrySafe Mobile App Inspection Software

Use your own inspection checklists, or download a variety of pre-built checklists that are available within the app, including facility safety, site safety, building safety, vehicle safety, fire safety, forklift safety, ladder safety checklists, and more.

In addition, IndustrySafe system administrators can determine which fields display within the app so that your workforce can report simple or detailed findings that meet all types of safety needs.

The IndustrySafe mobile app works in conjunction with IndustrySafe's Inspections Module, part of a comprehensive suite of additional safety management software tools.

Rely on IndustrySafe for its powerful safety software modules

With the inspection data provided by the IndustrySafe mobile app, companies can compare safety and health indicators across modules, viewing inspection rate completions, corrective actions, incident rates and more.

By tracking inspections, worker training initiatives, incident reporting and behavioral observations with this convenient and effective safety software, Environmental Health and Safety Professionals gain greater control over their business's safety programs.

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