Job Safety Analysis Software
Job Safety Analysis

JSA Overview

Job Safety Analysis Module

A detailed Job Safety Analysis Tool to track, analyze, and review steps, hazards, controls, and risk. The Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Module enables organizations to track hazards associated with specific jobs. The software allows you to seperate each job into a series of steps and identify potential hazards for each step. You can evaluate the risks of all hazards and identify controls and residual risks, enabling your workforce to understand and control job hazards.

  • Identify Steps for Each Task and Hazards for each Step
  • Evaluate Controls, Risk and Residual Risk
  • Easily Disseminate JSA's for Review, Comments, and Approval
  • Autofill features for Easy Data Entry
  • Look up Employee's JSA History
  • Automatically Alert Users of JSAs
  • Reminders of JSA Review Cycles
  • JSA Print Outs
  • JSA Feedback, JSA by Task, and JSA by Reviewer Logs
  • Multiple Dashboards including JSAs by Location, JSAs by Risk Ranking, Review Cycle, and More
  • Action Item Follow Up
  • Add/Edit/Remove Fields
  • Configure Automatic Email Notifications
  • Upload Supporting Documents
  • Compare Indicators across Modules
  • Export and Search Features
  • Multiple Locations, Users, Regions, Etc.
  • Available in Multiple Languages

JSA Hazards, Tasks, and Steps

Organizations need to conduct a job task analysis to review all of the hazards associated with a particular job or task to improve environmental, health, and safety.

Job Safety Analysis Checklist

IndustrySafe Job Safety Analysis Software - JSA Checklist

Best safety practices and guidelines, including OSHA's Job Hazard Analysis Guide recommend analyzing and evaluating safety hazards on a task by task basis. This step by step analysis allows EHS professionals to continually resolve and/or mitigate hazards that can be associated with dangerous or difficult jobs or work sites and prevent injuries before they occur.

With the IndustrySafe Job Safety Analysis Module users can set up multiple steps and hazards associated with each task. For each identified hazard, EHS managers can list appropriate controls and also calculate residual risk for that hazard. Managers can also utilize a risk matrix to evaluate the hazards.

The hazard risk matrix combines severity and probability to determine risk assessment. A standard risk matrix is set up within IndustrySafe, but each organization can modify the risk matrix to meet their needs or applicable regulation.

JSA Review and Reporting

Sample JSA by Location Report

IndustrySafe Job Safety Analysis Software -Mapping Report

The IndustrySafe JSA Module allows for detailed reporting and email notifications. Individuals responsible for reviewing a job hazard analysis can automatically be sent emails when JSAs are created and or ready for view. Supervisors and employees can review individual hazards and controls and provide feedback for each JSA. Based on the review cycle, IndustrySafe can also alert JSA reviewers of job hazard analyses that are upcoming or overdue for review.

Safety Managers can also upload supporting documents (including photographs), export data to other applications or monitor job hazard analysis metrics across several locations or regions.

The Job Safety Analysis Module allows for detailed reporting and analytics of job safety activity and follow up across your organization. EHS Professionals can drill down to view hazards by source, department, area and more. Pre-set dashboards alert users to JSA close out rates across the organization.

Rely on IndustrySafe for its powerful safety software modules

The Job Safety Analysis Module is just one critical aspect to IndustrySafe safety management software. By tracking JSA's, inspections, worker training initiatives, incident reporting and behavioral observations with this convenient and effective safety software, Environmental Health and Safety Professionals gain greater control over their business's safety programs.

Supported by IndustrySafe, Inc.'s robust technology and customer support services, IndustrySafe is the leading safety management software for organizations in a variety of industries.

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