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Inspections Overview

Inspections module

IndustrySafe's Inspections Module includes forms and pre-built checklists, enabling users to perform and track compliance rates of on-site safety inspections. Users can upload their own checklists or utilize existing pre-built checklists. Checklist items are linked to detailed OSHA regulatory standards from 29 CFR 1910 and 1926 and Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Checklists.

  • Compliance with OSHA Reguations and VPP Requirements
  • Use on Web-Enabled Mobile Phones and Tablets, including iPad, iPhone, and Android devices
  • Offline Mobile Inspections App available too.
  • Easy to Use Form with Autofill Features
  • Use our Pre-Built Checklists with OSHA 1926 or OSHA 1910 Regulations or Upload Yours
  • Schedule Recurring Inspections
  • Automatic Email Alerts of Upcoming, Overdue Inspections
  • Standard Reports – Inspection Print Outs, Scheduled Inspections, Compliance Rates, and more.
  • Multiple Dashboards including Percent of Inspections Complete, Inspection Areas with Most Deficiencies
  • Action Item and Hazard Follow Up
  • Add/Edit/Remove Fields
  • Configure Automatic Email Notifications
  • Upload Supporting Documents
  • Compare Indicators across Modules
  • Export and Search Features
  • Multiple Locations, Users, Regions, Etc.
  • Available in Multiple Languages

Inspections for Improved Safety

Regular safety inspections play an important role in establishing effective safety and health strategies at worksites everywhere.

Sample Inspection Checklist

IndustrySafe Inspection Safety Software -Inspection 

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides guidelines to employers on conducting inspections including sample inspection checklists.

Although in the past, supervisors may have kept paper inspection records, safety management software allows for this process to be automated. Automation offers safety coordinators more options during the inspection process, and can help them better frame their responses to inspection results or workplace safety and health trends.

With IndustrySafe, safety coordinators gain a powerful tool in the effort to conduct thorough and effective worksite safety inspections.

Through the automated features of IndustrySafe's inspections module, safety managers are able to adopt a recurring safety inspection schedule. The safety software will alert supervisors to upcoming or overdue inspections, ensuring these important reviews occur regularly.

Gain greater visibility into inspection scheduling and reporting

IndustrySafe Inspections Mobile App Select Checklist IndustrySafe Inspections Mobile App Sample Checklist

In addition, safety coordinators are able to monitor the results of each inspection with IndustrySafe's comprehensive reporting abilities. Managers can analyze compliance rates, determine the areas of the business that suffer the most deficiencies and quickly see if any areas have been overlooked for inspections.

With IndustrySafe's Inspections Mobile App, inspections can be conducted from iPhone and Andriod mobile devices. The app works both on and offline, allowing users to manage checklists and submit inspection data directly to IndustrySafe, enabling greater mobility while also reducing the paperwork burden associated with inspection checklists.

With this increased visibility, safety directors are better able to make changes that will improve the company's compliance adherence, as well as simplify its internal safety and health practices.

Maintain compliance with OSHA regulations

Sample Inspection Report

IndustrySafe Inspection Safety Software -Inspection 

IndustrySafe's flexible inspections module allows users to upload existing inspection templates or customize these forms, adding or removing fields to achieve the most beneficial inspection checklist. Safety coordinators can also rely on IndustrySafe's pre-built forms and checklists, including OSHA regulations 29 CFR 1910 and 1926 as well as OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) checklists.

The easy-to-use Web form also includes autofill features, speeding up the administrative process and further automating scheduled inspections. By relying on digitally stored inspection checklists provided by IndustrySafe safety software, companies can compare safety and health indicators across modules, checking to see how their existing inspection schedules may be affecting incident reporting or vice versa.

Safety coordinators can also upload supporting documents, export data to other applications or monitor safety inspection metrics across several locations or regions. Ultimately, IndustrySafe's inspection module provides a more nuanced level of inspection reporting and analysis. Managers are able to conduct more thorough inspections and adjust operations or safety rules quickly and thoughtfully.

Rely on IndustrySafe for its powerful safety software modules

The inspection module is just one critical aspect to IndustrySafe safety management software. By tracking inspections, worker training initiatives, incident reporting and behavioral observations with this convenient and effective safety software, safety coordinators gain greater control over their business's safety initiatives.

As a result, managers are more informed and able to firm up any weaknesses or shortcomings in their safety and health management. The company as a whole is able to avoid the ramifications of noncompliance with federal regulations, and VPP participants can secure their placement in this beneficial program by monitoring safety and health considerations in-house.

Most of all, a business's workers are assured the most effective workplace health and safety policies and practices. Supported by IndustrySafe, Inc.'s robust technology and supportive services, IndustrySafe is the leading safety management software for businesses in a variety of industries.

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