Dashboards for Safety Metrics by IndustrySafe
Dashboard Safety Metrics Overview

Dashboard Overview

dashboard module

IndustrySafe's Dashboard enables senior executives, managers, and safety professionals to create and view key safety performance metrics.

Users can drill down on these metrics and configure the Dashboard to display their top indicators.

  • Dashboards are Updated in Real Time as Data is Entered into Other Modules
  • Multiple Filters including Location, Time Frame, Supervisor, and More
  • Drill down to View Underlying Data
  • Design Your Own Tabs of Dashboards
  • Select the Metrics to View in Your Tabs
  • Configure Values Used in Key Dashboards
  • Edit Dashboard Panel Titles
  • Print and/or Export Dasboards
  • Average Time Lag in Reporting Incidents
  • Days without Lost Time Incidents
  • Days without OSHA Recordable
  • Days without Incidents
  • Employee Injuries - Top 5 Locations
  • Employee Injury Pyramid
  • Incident Pyramid
  • Incidents by Day of Week
  • Incidents by Job Title
  • Incidents by Root Cause, Cause 1, Cause 2, Cause 3, and Cause 4
  • Incidents by Type
  • Incidents by Category
  • Incidents by Shift
  • Incidents by Status
  • Incidents by Worker Type
  • Incidents by Worker Age
  • Incidents by Time with Company
  • Incidents by Time of Day
  • Injuries by Main Body Part
  • Injuries by Detailed Body Part
  • Injuries by Primary Cause of Injury
  • Injuries by Detailed Cause of Injury
  • Injuries by Nature of Injury
  • Motor Vehicle Rate per 1 Million Miles Driven
  • OSHA Reportable vs. Lost Time
  • Total Case Incident Rate
  • Number of Missed Days
  • Number of Restricted Days
  • Percent of Incidents Closed
  • TCIR by Month
  • Claims Paid by Claim Type
  • Claims Paid by Top 10 Locations
  • Claims by Incident Type
  • Percent of Inspections Completed
  • Inspection Areas with the Most Deficiencies
  • Corrective Action Status
  • Open Corrective Actions by Type
  • Corrective Actions Completed on Time
  • Most Offered Training Courses
  • Top 5 Classes by Past Due
  • Training Class Attendance Rate
  • Training Class Pass Rate
  • Percent of Employees with Expired Training
  • Percent of Employees No Expired Training
  • Percent Observations on Schedule
  • Percent Safe Observations
  • Percent Observations on Schedule
  • Observation Safe/UnSafe Condition/Act
  • Observations Percent Safe by Category
  • Observations Percent Safe by SubCategory
  • Observations Top 10 Locations
  • Hazards by Originating Type
  • Hazards by Source
  • Hazards by Type
  • Hazards by Evaluation
  • Percent of Hazards Closed
  • Percent Tasks Completed on Time

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Focus on top indicators and safety metrics

Safety coordinators must analyze a wide range of metrics and indicators when managing the safety and health concerns of their organization. Effective safety management software allows these professionals to gain increased visibility into their business' operations and ensure employee health is protected.

IndustrySafe is the cost-effective, web-based health and safety management software executives need to monitor the safety aspects of their company. With its flexible and intuitive dashboard, IndustrySafe provides safety coordinators the ability to visualize and track key safety measures.

IndustrySafe pulls in a constant stream of safety data from multiple modules in real-time, offering safety coordinators the latest information to review.

Environmental health and safety professionals are able to filter this information by location, time and supervisor—among other factors— and can also customize the design of the dashboard's tabs for optimal usability. Safety coordinators can hand-pick the most useful metrics to display on the software's dashboard, providing them instant access to their most valued information.

With the most important data available at their fingertips, administrators are subsequently able to make decisions quickly, shoring up weaknesses and solidifying strengths in their safety inspections or safety programs.

IndustrySafe also allows safety coordinators to print or export data to other programs, offering increased functionality and convenience for administrators to manage this critical workplace responsibility.

Track a wide variety of leading and lagging indicators

IndustrySafe offers multiple modules to monitor different aspects of a company's safety and health processes, and safety coordinators can access this information directly from the dashboard. As a result, these administrators can manage many responsibilities—including incident reporting, inspections and training—from one location.

Managers can monitor incidents filtered by a number of factors, including day of the week, job title, body part, root cause and worker type. They can also stay on top of training responsibilities, with data immediately available to display which employees are working with expired training credentials and which have passed training courses in the past.

Safety Managers can easily view these dashboards from the dashboard module of the IndustrySafe Safety Software.

Generate OSHA incident dashboards

To maintain compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, safety coordinators can tailor the IndustrySafe dashboard to present important metrics for OSHA recordkeeping.

Sample Safety Dashboard Metric – OSHA Recordable Incidents

Safety Metrics OSHA Recordable Incidents Lost Time Incident Rate

OSHA metrics include the organization's Days Away Restricted Transfer (DART), Total Case Incident (TCIR) rates, Total Number of Missed Days, Total Number of Restricted Days, Total OSHA Recordable Incidents and more.

Top indicators—like employee injuries or claims paid separated by location—are immediately available alongside helpful graphics, such as employee injury and incident pyramids.

Safety coordinators are able to visualize the status of their company's health and safety management processes, and adjust when appropriate to decrease incident rates and improve regulatory compliance. Ultimately, IndustrySafe's dashboard offers safety coordinators a convenient but thorough layout that provides as much information as needed. With a customizable interface, managers can drill down on the data and metrics they find most important instantly, streamlining their health and safety management responsibilities.

In conjunction with IndustrySafe's separate modules—incidents, training, observations and inspections—the dashboard arms safety coordinators with sophisticated tools for the management of workplace safety and health considerations. IndustrySafe is an industry leading and cost-effective environmental, health, and safety software.

Sample Safety Dashboard Metrics

Safety Metric - Incidents by Body Part

Safety Dashboard Metric Incidents by Body Part

Safety Metric - Action Items Complete

Safety Dashboard Metric Corrective Action Items Complete Dashboard

Safety Metric - Hazards by Type

Safety Dashboard Metric Hazards by Type Dashboard


Safety Metric - OSHA Recordable Incidents

Safety Dashboard Metric - OSHA Recordable Incidents Bar Chart Dashboard

Safety Metric - Inspections by Location

Safety Dashboard Metric OSHA Recordable Incidents by Location Dashboard

Safety Metric - Safety Activity

Safety Dashbard Metric Safety Activity


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