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Corrective Actions

Corrective Actions Overview

Corrective Actions Module

IndustrySafe's Corrective Actions Module enables organizations to generate plans for incidents, hazards, safety inspections, industrial hygiene activities, and observations. Tracking the assignment and status of problem reports enables timely completion of corrective action plans and improved safety. Automatic e-mail alerts notify key responsible parties of open, overdue and closed corrective actions.

  • Easy to Use Data Entry
  • Autofill Employee, Location, Description Information
  • Linked and Unlinked Corrective Actions
  • Scheduling Feature
  • Automatic Email Alerts – Coming Due, Overdue, Assigned, and More.
  • Standard Reports – Corrective Action Logs, Coming Due and Overdue Reports
  • Dashboards – Corrective Actions Completed on Time, Corrective Actions Status
  • Add/Edit Fields
  • Configure Automatic Email Notifications
  • Supporting Documents
  • Compare Indicators across Modules
  • Export and Search Features
  • Multiple Locations, Users, Regions, Etc.
  • Available in Multiple Languages

Corrective Action Monitoring and Tracking

Sample Corrective Action Form

IndustrySafe Corrective 
                                Action Software -Corrective Action Sample Form

Organizations need to monitor and track their action items both corrective and preventative to improve environmental, health, and safety.

Best safety practices and guidelines, including OHSAS 18001 and OSHA's Voluntary Protection Program, recognize the need to track and monitor safety action items. These actions can be the result of other safety activity including inspections, incidents, behavior based safety observations, job safety analysis, internal and external audits, and more.

With the IndustrySafe Corrective Actions Module users can link corrective actions items to other modules in IndustrySafe including Incidents and Inspections. Users can also add an action item directly from the Corrective Action Module.

For linked corrective actions, a large amount of data will autofill from the parent record saving time with data entry. In addition, multiple corrective actions can be linked to one parent record (i.e. an incident) and users will be able to view the corrective action with the parent record and within the Corrective Action Module.

Corrective Action Reporting

Sample Corrective Action Report

IndustrySafe Corrective Action 
                                Safety Software -Corrective Action Report

IndustrySafe's Corrective Action Module allows for detailed reporting and email notifications. Users can automatically be sent emails when they are assigned corrective actions and escalating emails can be sent to supervisors and safety professionals if corrective actions are not completed by estimated due dates.

By relying on corrective action forms provided by IndustrySafe safety software, companies can compare safety and health indicators across modules, checking to see how (overdue) corrective actions may be affecting health and safety compliance.

Safety Managers can also upload supporting documents (including photographs), export data to other applications or monitor corrective action metrics across several locations or regions.

The Corrective Action Module allows for detailed reporting and analytics of action activity and follow up across your organization. EHS Professionals can drill down to view overdue and corrective actions by supervisor, department, area and more. Pre-set dashboards alert users to corrective action completion rates across the organization.

Rely on IndustrySafe for its powerful safety software modules

The Corrective Action Module is just one critical aspect to IndustrySafe safety management software. By tracking action items and follow up, inspections, worker training initiatives, incident reporting and behavioral observations with this convenient and effective safety software, Environmental Health and Safety Professionals gain greater control over their business's safety programs.

Most of all, a business's workers are assured the most effective workplace health and safety policies and practices. Supported by IndustrySafe, Inc.'s robust technology and supportive services, IndustrySafe is the leading safety management software for businesses in a variety of industries.

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