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IndustrySafe Safety Software Claims Module

Claims Overview

Claims module

Generate Worker's Compensation Claims, Vehicle Claims, and Other Claims with the IndustrySafe's Claims Module. With the Claims Module, organizations can create various types of claims including worker's compensation, property damage, and auto claims. Multiple claims can be linked to one incident report. Payment information and claims notes can be tracked. For worker's compensation claims, organizations can generate a state specific first report of injury. Data can be submitted directly from IndustrySafe to Third Party Administrators, Brokers, and Insurers for more detailed claims management.

  • Compliance with State Specific First Report of Injury Reporting
  • Multiple Claims Types – Worker's Compensation, Auto, Property Damage, and General Liability
  • Easy to Use Claims Form
  • Auto fill Information from Incident Forms
  • Look up Employee Incident and Claim History
  • Diary Function for Claims Notes
  • Electronic Submittal to Third Party Administrators and Insurers
  • Detail Payment Information
  • Automatically Alert Users of Claims
  • State Specific First Report of Injury Reports for Worker's Compensation Claims
  • Standard Reports – Claims Log, Summary of Losses, Distribution of Losses, and Amount of Losses
  • Multiple Dashboards including Claims Paid by Claim Type, by Incident Type, and More
  • Task and Event Follow Up
  • Add/Edit/Remove Fields
  • Configure Automatic Email Notifications
  • Upload Supporting Documents
  • Compare Indicators across Modules
  • Export and Search Features
  • Multiple Locations, Users, Regions, Etc.
  • Available in Multiple Languages

Claim Tracking to Lower Your Costs

Connecting Claims and Incidents

IndustrySafe Claims Software -Connecting Claims and Incidents

Often, organizations have trouble connecting safety incidents with claims and calculating the total cost of an incident. With the IndustrySafe claims module, users can link multiple claims to a safety incident and easily determine both safety and claims costs.

Organizations can easily determine which incidents and incident types result in claims and can use this data to conduct safety activities that prevent costly claims before they occur. With one incident easily look up all associated claims, claims summary costs, and drill down for detailed claims information.

Through the automated features of IndustrySafe's claims module, claims and risk managers are able to automatically be notified of incidents (before they become claims) and also when a claim is initiated. Claims Managers can easily enter notes throughout the life cycle of the claims, set up tasks, events, and automatic reminders.

Gain greater visibility with Claims Reporting

Detailed Claims Reporting

IndustrySafe Claims Software - Claims Reporting

Claims coordinators are able to generate claims logs and conduct comprehensive claims reporting. Claims Managers can determine which claims incur the highest costs and can track payments for each claims.

The IndustrySafe claims reporting allows complex filtering and sorting of claims and payment data including the ability to create charts and dashboards of claims and payment data; export data to excel or as a pdf, and also to create pivot tables, formulas and more.

With this increased visibility, Claims managers are better able to make changes that will lower the company's claims costs, as well as improve safety and health practices.

Maintain compliance with First Report of Injury Forms

Sample California First Report of Injury – Form 5020

IndustrySafe Claims Software -First Report of Injury California 5020

For Worker's Compensation claims, IndustrySafe includes first report of injury reports for all applicable states. Claims Managers can easily generate the appropriate state specifc form based on the location of employee.

The easy-to-use IndustrySafe Claims form also includes autofill features, with most information carried over from the incident invesitigation form. This autofill speeds up the administrative process and handling of claims.

Claim information can also be sumitted to your third party administrator automatically from IndustrySafe. By utilizing IndustrySafe for claims and incident data, organizations can have strong records of their claims history easily accessible even if they were to switch third party administrators, insurance providers, and/or insurance brokers.

Claims coordinators can also upload supporting documents, export data to other applications or monitor claims metrics across several locations or regions. The IndustrySafe Software also has strong security controls so that only applicable individuals can view sensitive claims and employee health data.

Rely on IndustrySafe for its powerful safety software modules

The claims module is just one critical aspect to IndustrySafe safety management software. By tracking claims, worker training initiatives, incident reporting and behavioral observations with this convenient and effective safety software, safety and claims coordinators gain greater control over their business's safety initiatives and reduce their claims costs.

As a result, managers are more informed and able to firm up any weaknesses or shortcomings in their safety and health management.

Most of all, a business's workers are assured the most effective workplace health and safety policies and practices. Supported by IndustrySafe, Inc.'s robust technology and supportive services, IndustrySafe is the leading safety and claims management software for businesses in a variety of industries.

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