Why is HAZCOM training important in the workplace? [Video]

Posted by admin on May 6, 2016

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration created the Hazard Communication Standard, commonly called HAZCOM, to protect workers from any chemical hazards they may encounter while on the job. This standard is also used to assist employers in identifying and addressing any potential dangers in their workplaces.

HAZCOM standards cover chemicals that present both physical and health hazards to workers. Any chemical manufacturers or other employers handling dangerous chemicals must prepare labels, work with material safety data sheets and provide HAZCOM training courses for anyone working around hazardous chemicals.

These training courses must cover specific guidelines set by HAZCOM programs, such as chemical spill or release detection, proper protection and the safe handling of chemicals on a worksite. Employers working with hazardous chemicals hoping to stay in compliance with OSHA standards should make sure that their HAZCOM training is in place and up to date.

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