Which training formats are right for my organization?

Posted by admin on April 10, 2018

These days, employee safety training sessions come in two flavors: in-person or online. What are the merits and disadvantages of each?


In-person training

The value of in-person training depends on whether modules are held in a room apart from the main areas of operations or right there in the thick of things.

In classroom-style training sessions, workers learn in a quiet area and still receive the benefits of group interaction, but they may lack hands-on time with the equipment at the center of the training module. Training on shop floors encourages that learning-by-doing philosophy, but a noisy environment may not be conducive to workers who have difficulty hearing or focusing.

There is also one glaring problem with both styles of in-person learning: Have you ever tried to get everyone at a company in a room at the same time? It's not easy. Moreover, doing so would inevitably lead to costly downtime certain businesses may not be able to afford.


Online training

Online safety training software connects learners with digital tools no matter where they are. Learners can complete modules on their own time, study at their own pace and take advantage of video resources. Younger generations were raised on digital media, so it makes sense these will resonate better with such an audience. But fair warning: Not everyone takes to online safety training the way millennials might.

Furthermore, the wrong safety training software will deprive managers of valuable insights. How will they know who finished which sessions? How will they let their employees know which courses are mandatory for their role? How will they remind those who haven't started their training courses to finish up soon?

Why not blend the two?

When it comes to training, it's best to utilize both styles of safety training, otherwise known as a blended learning approach. That way, managers get the best of both worlds and limit the negative aspects of each.

For training that requires focus, find a quiet space for a makeshift classroom. When it's time to test training in real-world conditions, move to an area where equipment can be used. And for everything else, invest in online safety training software that capitalizes on all the benefits the digital era has to offer.

IndustrySafe safety management and online training software includes a full catalog of safety courses, puts valuable participation data in the hands of training organizers and alerts employees when it's time to complete their training. Request a demo or try a free trial today.

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