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What is blended learning? [Video]

Posted by admin on July 18, 2017

Blended learning may sound like something out of a elementary school classroom.

It's actually a proven method for conveying important information that industrial professionals can leverage during safety training sessions.

But first things first: What exactly is blended learning? Blended learning combines tactile education with technology that enhances how learners understand subject matter. Using multiple learning styles increases the chances of informing attendees effectively, because teachers take advantage of the best of what each learning style can offer while mitigating the limitations of only using one. Make sense?

If you want to incorporate blended learning into your safety training, you'll need online safety training software to counterbalance your hands-on training exercises. Request a free demo of IndustrySafe safety management software today.

Thanks for watching. Tune in next time for more tips on safety training at your job site.

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