The importance of electrical safety training [Video]

Posted by admin on August 9, 2016

Electricity is a serious danger in the American workplace today. Electricians, engineers and other professionals performing their job duties around these hazards, whether directly or indirectly, could be exposed to electrocution, fires, electrical shock and explosions. These incidents could result in injury or death.

Due to the severity of these hazards, OSHA created a set of electrical standards to protect workers on the job. As outlined in the requirements, affected workplaces must offer electrical safety training for employees who will be around these specific hazards.

These training sessions will teach workers how to recognize, address and avoid electrical dangers at work. Employee training is an essential factor in creating a culture of safety in the workplace and avoiding OSHA violations and fines. Start protecting your employees with electrical safety training today!

For more information about electrical safety training, contact IndustrySafe to learn about our online safety training courses and training tracking system!

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