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The importance of back safety training [Video]

Posted by admin on August 23, 2016

Back injuries do not result in work-related deaths, yet OSHA reports that they are still among the leading causes of worker disability today. They cause a loss of productivity, both long- and short-term human suffering, and significant economic burdens on compensation systems and affected workers.

The main causes for back injury on the job can include poor lifting or pulling posture, as well as unnecessary strain placed on muscles, joints or ligaments while performing essential job duties. These injuries vary greatly in terms of severity, resulting in everything from mild discomfort to serious damage that requires surgery or hospitalization to fix.

Back injury safety training is designed to protect workers from these types of job-related hazards. Employees will learn the basics of ergonomic movement, how to avoid injury and even report potential hazards. Start protecting your employees with back injury safety training today!

For more information about back injury safety training, contact IndustrySafe to learn about our online safety training courses and training tracking software!

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