Learn about IndustrySafe's New Video on Demand training content [Video]

Posted by admin on November 4, 2016


Our team is serious about keeping your workplace secure, which is why IndustrySafe's training content add-on provides web-based training for a safer, smarter workforce, no matter your organization's training methods.

 Now, with our Video on Demand training offering, instructors can deliver online training videos within IndustrySafe to groups of learners in a classroom environment. Training managers can start, pause, and continue training videos as needed to provide learners with additional guidance on a topic, field questions, and allow for face-to-face interaction between trainers and learners.

 Downloadable test questions and answers are provided within IndustrySafe for each video course, and instructors can easily print and distribute these quizzes to workers. Then after the course is complete, instructors can then record and track class results within the Training Module.

For more information on IndustrySafe's training features, visit our website.

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