OSHA calls on storm recovery workers to stay safe in tornado aftermath

Posted by admin on May 5, 2014

The midwestern and southern United States have been bombarded with a series of severe thunderstorms and tornados over the past few days. This has led the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to call on all storm recovery workers to be extra vigilant and careful as they proceed with cleanup efforts.

Areas that have been hit by storms typically carry many occupational risks that can threaten the safety of those who are trying to pick up the pieces from the damage done. The threats can be so serious that OSHA has created a website specifically dedicated to educating the public on how to approach storm cleanup.

"Recovery and cleanup work should not put you in the hospital emergency room," Dr. David Michaels, former assistant secretary of labor for occupational safety and health, said. "OSHA is on the ground in affected areas providing compliance assistance. Storm recovery efforts expose workers to a wide range of hazards, which can be mitigated by safe work practices and personal protective equipment."

One of the keys to making sure that staff are protected while working on storm cleanup is to come up with an emergency plan and make sure they know how and when to file incident reports with OSHA. The best way to ensure that these reports are accurate and submitted is to deploy IndustrySafe as part of your safety management program.

This software will help immensely with your OSHA recordkeeping needs and ensure that your organization is in compliance with the agency's regulations regarding worker safety. It can also be used to help with your training regimen. For more information on how IndustrySafe can help protect your staff, check out our website today!

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