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KPI: Percent of observations completed on schedule [VIDEO]

Posted by admin on March 9, 2015

Behavioral Based Safety (BBS) Observations allows organizations to analyze and improve safety activity. Front line employees, supervisors and safety managers observe safety behavior on a regular basis to assess trends and improve safety.

Safety professionals, however need to consider what percentage of those observations are performed on time. If observations are not conducted or recorded in a timely manner, safety professionals lose valuable insight into their organization's safety practices.

With IndustrySafe Safety Management Software, EHS professionals can receive automatic reminders alerting them of upcoming or overdue observations. IndustrySafe's dashboard automatically calculates this percentage by dividing the number of observations conducted by the total number of required observations and displays it in an easy to read graph. To learn more about how IndustrySafe can assist you with performing observation analyses and tracking key performance indicators, visit our website, or attend one of our upcoming webinars.

Tags: Safety Management

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