What is an OSHA 301 log? [VIDEO]

Posted by admin on January 12, 2015

The OSHA 301 log is an incident summary describing the who, what, when and where of workplace incidents. Employers are required to complete and maintain an OSHA 301 log for each applicable workplace incident. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations specify what type of workplace incidents employers must include on the OSHA 301 log.

According to OSHA regulations, the 301 log (or an equivalent form) must include details of the incident, including the extent and severity of an injury or illness, employee information and medical information.

An OSHA 301 Log must be completed within seven days of learning that a recordable incident or injury has occurred at the workplace. Safety managers can easily generate accurate OSHA 301 Logs using IndustrySafe Safety Management Software. To learn more about our OSHA recordkeeping software, visit our website.

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