Preparing for electronic OSHA log submission

Posted by admin on January 23, 2014

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has updated its OSHA reporting requirements so that companies will have to submit recordkeeping data from forms 301, 300, and 300A forms electronically.

In May of 2016, OSHA issued the final ruling for electronic submission, effective January 1, 2017. The Injury Tracking Application used to submit 300A data to OSHA went live on August 1, 2017 with the first submission deadline being December 15, 2017.

Of course, if you already fill out these forms every year before the agency's February 1 deadline, then submitting them electronically isn't going to dramatically change your workflow. The process is expected to only take a few minutes, and if you use IndustrySafe safety management software to record all your injury data, then sending it in to the OSHA website will be a piece of cake as it is already prepared for electronic submission with our 5.11 release.

But if you've never completed a Log of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses, now is definitely the time to start. When OSHA formally implements the electronic submission rule change, you'll no longer be able to get away with not having a 300 form on file. The agency will know when it hasn't been submitted, and this could eventually lead to a financial penalty.

With this change of policy, it's a good idea to start recording all your incidents digitally as soon as possible. With the OSHA deadline approaching, you'll want to make sure your firm is in compliance with their regulations, even if you don't expect to receive an inspection in the near future. You can streamline your recordkeeping by using IndustrySafe to record all injuries and illnesses in your workplace, then compile and process this information for February 1.

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