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How mobile apps can help with EHS inspections

Posted by admin on November 24, 2017

 Environmental health and safety has forever been an integral facet of business operations - especially for firms in the construction and manufacturing industries. However, EHS management has garnered additional attention in recent years, as industrial oversight organizations such as OSHA have expanded safety regulations and injury reporting requirements. This environment has left organizations of all kinds scrambling to pinpoint strategies and technologies capable of bolstering their EHS operations in an effort to comply with these new codes. A large number are turning toward mobile technologies as a result. These on-the-go applications offer numerous benefits, according to insights from LNS Research.

That said, adoption rates have room to grow. Just 4.7 percent of American firms had mobile EHS plans in place back in 2015, the research group found. Additionally, more than 70 percent attested to leaving such technology out of future operations strategies. However, LNS did find that roughly a quarter were prepared to implement fully-developed EHS policies. Many of these companies have likely joined the countless others investing nearly $2 billion in mobile information technology in 2017, according to The Radicati Group.

Organizations allocating resources to mobile EHS applications stand to to see considerable improvements, as such software can improve the key compliance activity that constitutes the foundation of effective workplace safety operations: the inspection. How?

Improved data accuracy

The collection of accurate worker injury data leads to safer on-site conditions - OSHA has proven as much over the course of its history, as the adoption of improved information-gathering systems and technology has, for the most part, paralleled on-the-ground safety gains.

Individual businesses can replicate this kind of long-term success by eschewing traditional paper-based methods for mobile EHS software, which gives safety stakeholders the power to record data while visiting accident sites, ultimately improving accuracy. Additionally, because these solutions are automated, there is little chance that key insights get lost in the migration shuffle - a significant possibility for businesses that manage hard copy injury records.

Strengthened compliance practices

These are just a couple of the benefits that come along with on-the-go EHS applications. And yet, these gains alone can lead to improved inspection practices that lay the groundwork for safer work environments and fewer costly compliance-related hassles. Businesses interested in adopting mobile EHS software should connect with IndustrySafe, as we offer a powerful mobile app made to bolster EHS operations. Give yourself a break and let your smartphone do some of the work. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a demo.

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