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What should you know about IndustrySafe's 5.10 release?

Posted by admin on January 19, 2017


The IndustrySafe Safety Software team is pleased to announce the launch of IndustrySafe's 5.10 release next month. With this latest release, we are rolling out the Form Editor tool to the Training, Claims, Industrial Hygiene and System Functions forms. Additionally, the 5.10 update also includes a video on demand add-on to the current training module, observation enhancements and more.

Training, Claims, Industrial Hygiene, Home and System Functions Form Editors
This newest update allows system administrators to configure IndustrySafe's Training, Claims, Industrial Hygiene, Task, Event, Document Library, User, Employee, Facility Profile, and Asset Profile recording forms using the Form Editor feature. Administrators can now rename, remove create or reorder new sections and fields using the Form Editor.

Training Content: Video on Demand
Another great feature of the update is the video on demand add-on to the current training module. With this option, training managers will be able to show or release online training videos in a conducive classroom environment. These instructors will be able to start, pause and play training videos as they need them to allow learners to have a better experience.

"IndustrySafe users will be able to sort observation checklists by category."

Instructors will also benefit from the downloadable test question and answer feature within each video course. Following the completion of each course, training managers will be able to use IndustrySafe's class result wizard feature to record and track results within the training module. All of these new features make for a more interactive and meaningful training experience for instructors and employees.

Observations Enhancements
With the update, IndustrySafe users will be able to sort observation checklists by category, similar to how users can currently group their inspection checklists. For IndustrySafe administrators to set their categories, they can now go to System Functions > Setup > Edit Observation Checklists > Add/Edit Categories.

Cal/OSHA Logs
IndustrySafe users will now be able to create Cal/OSHA 301, 300 and 300A reports within the incidents module. Now, users will be able to generate these logs by simply going to the regulatory reports tab within the incident's module menu and selecting the reports they wish to create. Then, they will enter the name of their California-based facility, along with other filters, and the select the create report button. This will make California OSHA log generation and reporting far easier for users.

Please visit our release page to learn more about the 5.10 update, or check out one of our free live webinars the IndustrySafe team will be offering to go over the new features over the next few weeks. Contact one of our representatives today or visit our webinar page to sign up.

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