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IndustrySafe's 5.12 Release coming Fall 2017

Posted by admin on July 17, 2017

The IndustrySafe Safety Software team is excited to announce the 5.12 Release, to be available by early Fall 2017. With the 5.12 Release comes the Inspections Public Web Form, which will function similarly to currently available public web forms, in addition to updates to recording forms to make IndustrySafe even more configurable to customers' specific needs.

We've provided more information about these new features below. You can also review our 5.12 release notes for more details about this update.

Inspections Public Web Form

The Inspections Public Web Form will enable organizations to have all stakeholders submit inspection data to IndustrySafe without requiring them to have a username or password. Stakeholders will be able to conduct inspections, add attachments, and submit their completed inspection directly to the Inspections module where IndustrySafe users can review the data for further analysis. IndustrySafe system administrators will be able to determine which fields will appear on the public web form so that your workforce can report simple or detailed findings.

Inspection Checklist and Item Status Improvements

To complement the Inspections Public Web Form, the 5.12 Release also gives IndustrySafe system administrators the ability to edit inspection statuses by checklist or by item. Previously, any edits made to the Inspection form's status dropdown would be applied to all items in all inspection checklists. The 5.12 Release will allow for unique statuses for a particular checklist, or even a single line item, providing you with a more nuanced level of inspection reporting.

Corrective Actions Updates

The 5.12 Release also includes improvements to the Corrective Actions form. System administrators will now have the ability to add corrective action statuses beyond the default "Open" and "Complete" options. This will allow users to better track when corrective actions are in progress or partially complete. System administrators will be able to configure the Corrective Action form using advanced logic to prompt users to provide additional information based on the status they've selected.

Additionally, users will be able to evaluate corrective actions using Severity, Probability, and Risk Assessment fields, that are currently used in the Hazards and Incidents modules. These Severity, Probability, and Risk Assessment fields will also be added to IndustrySafe's Corrective Actions Log to allow for trending and reporting on these newly added fields.

Hours Worked and Incident Rates

Some of the most popular reports within IndustrySafe are the OSHA recordable incident rate and TCIR reports. With the 5.12 Release, the Monthly Stats Recording Form used to record hours worked will be redesigned and improved to make incident rate reporting and monthly stats data imports quicker and easier for IndustrySafe users.

Learn More about Our Previous Releases

We're always working on making updates to IndustrySafe! Check out our previous blog posts to learn about new features and functionality that you might have missed.

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