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Customer Spotlight: Idaho Forest Group

Posted by admin on July 28, 2016

The following spotlight story was provided by Andy Howe, Maintenance Planner at Idaho Forest Group.

"In an effort to be ever vigilant on making safety the priority, we have recently implemented a new Safety Management Software. After several demos and even a trial run with another software system, we were impressed with the value and flexibility of the IndustrySafe platform.  It has also been a pleasure to work with the professional, knowledgeable, resourceful and responsive staff at IndustrySafe.  After a brief and relatively painless hierarchy setup with an onsite representative, we are now tracking and trending incidents!


The software provides easy to use drop down menus and makes reporting easy for even the intermittent users. Most incidents only take a few minutes and are now archived for future reference. It also self populates key components and provides quick reference dashboards, graphs and charts. Corrective Actions can be linked to the incidents, allowing for easy reference and follow-up. Coupled with an automatic notification system that sends out emails to affected people, follow through on action items is much improved.


We currently have 5 modules that include Incidents, Inspections, Third Party Occurrences, Corrective Actions, and Training.  The database functions allow for filtered searches, reminders, and scheduled record keeping.  This all in one safety management capability is shedding light on how we train, follow up procedures, and how we look at what happened and why it happened.


We are encouraged with the benefits that this system brings to the table. We pride ourselves on doing a great job of identifying and addressing potential safety hazards and with the help of IndustrySafe we are building a framework that can assist us identifying contributing factors, becoming more responsive, and being proactive in our safety programs.  The tireless goal is to make Idaho Forest Group Moyie Springs a safer place!"

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