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IndustrySafe 5.17 Release Coming Later this Spring

Posted by admin on March 21, 2019

The IndustrySafe team is excited to announce its 5.17 Release, which will be available later this spring! The 5.17 Release will bring the ability to record and link contractor vendors to incidents, as well as new functions to log reports.

Contractor Management

A large portion of the 5.17 Release will implement new features to allow for contractor incident management.

A new recording form and summary screen will be available to track contractor information within IndustrySafe. Organizations will use this form to record general information about contractor organizations, and link them to different facilities and job sites.  

All of the incident recording forms will be given new fields to allow you to link contractors to workplace incidents reports. The monthly stats recording form will also be updated to record hours worked by contractors.IndustrySafe Contractor Recording Form

New Log Report Functions

The 5.17 will also bring improved functionality to IndustrySafe’s detailed log reports. Reports across all safety modules will see updates to how aggregates are created.

This will allow users to calculate percentages within reports with greater ease. As always, users will be able to save these new percent calculations to their safety metrics dashboard for quick analysis.  

Learn More about our Previous Releases

We’re always working on making updates to IndustrySafe! Check out our previous blog posts to learn about new features and functionality you may have missed. 

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