IndustrySafe's 5.15 Release is now available!

Posted by admin on August 16, 2018

The team at IndustrySafe is excited to announce our 5.15 Release is now available! The 5.15 Release gives system administrators the option for more detailed log reports, the ability to link employees to Sections and Locations, and more control over Mobile App functions.

We've provided more information about these new features below. You can also check out our Release Notes for more detailed information on what the 5.15 Release brings, including new training courses to be added to the course catalog.

Additional Fields to Log Reports

A large portion of the 5.15 Release involves updating several of IndustrySafe’s in-depth log reports to include more standard fields that appear in the respective recording forms. One such example is the Employee Injury Log now allows users to report on fields such as Description of Location, Cost of Property Damage, and if the incident has been labeled OSHA reportable. The 5.15 Release brings additional fields to log reports in the Incidents, Inspections, Hazards, and Observations Modules.

Updated Employee Section and Location

The 5.15 Release also allows you to link employees to Section and Location values using the Employee Personal Information form, provided those fieds are in use. The section and location fields will then auto-populate when you add records such as incidents, inspections, observations and hazards that are associated with an employee. These fields have also been added to log reports in the Training module. 

Enabling Initial Incidents for IndustrySafe’s Mobile App

In mid-summer 2018, we updated our mobile app to allow for initial incident recording. Previously, system administrators had to contact IndustrySafe Support in order to have the Incidents module enabled on their site’s Mobile App. With the 5.15 Release, system administrators now have the option to toggle Incidents and Inspections on or off for the Mobile App as needed. This can be done in the Edit Modules section of the Systems Functions area of IndustrySafe, where a Mobile Status column now showcases which modules are available or archived for the mobile app.

Learn More about Our Previous Releases

We're always working on making updates to IndustrySafe! Check out our previous blog posts to learn about new features and functionality that you might have missed.

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