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IndustrySafe, a Vector Solutions brand, is a leading safety management software provider for the manufacturing, construction and engineering, transportation, energy and government industries. Its highly configurable environmental, health and safety (EHS) management software suite helps organizations efficiently record, track and trend safety data to improve workplace safety, ensure regulatory compliance, reduce risks, and save time and costs.

The IndustrySafe product is becoming Vector EHS Management, under the Vector Solutions brand name. This change is guided by our goal to help organizations and individuals prepare for the changes ahead brought about by new technologies, complex compliance regulations, and more challenging workplaces and environments. With this change comes additional resources and innovative new solutions to help our customers achieve the operational readiness that’s critical to success. Learn more here.

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Headquartered in the heart of Philadelphia, IndustrySafe is more than just a great place to work. Our team is innovative, smart, fast-paced and committed to a safer, healthier world.

At IndustrySafe, we're enthusiastic about the development and growth of our employees and we are always looking for passionate and driven individuals to join our team. If you're interested in working for a company that encourages teamwork, is open to new and innovative ideas, and fosters professional growth, contact us today.


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